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Sid Deuce Biography Photo Sid Deuce Biography
Born: 8/6/1970
Aliases: Erika L. Doss, Sid Duce, Sid Licious

Born: August 06, 1970 In Denver, Colorado
Resides now in: Southern California
Height: 5 ft. 6 in. (168cm)
Weight: 122 lbs. (55kg)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Breasts: 38C Waist: 26" Hips: 34"
Birth Name: Erika L. Doss

A truly original not only in name choice but Adult Actress extraordinaire is set for ageless recognition. Sid's supple smooth, made in the U.S. blond bombshell body from hell set the porn world afire. Those lips admit to a natural appetite for oral affection that plays out ever so well in each and every one of her frenzied cock gobbling scenes over the years. Oral play both male and female delivered and received Sid truly is raising heart rates and boners alike, We are most impressed through the candid approach to which she displays her traits; its like there is no camera in site. This starlet is off and going strong with no soon end in sight.

Her co-stars and fans alike set an opinion of this sensual treat as the perfect porn shaped body in the industry. Truly natural form of magician like levitation, her breasts seem to float effortlessly on air. Sid sports a set of long sexy legs that entice without regret all the way down. With a creamy schoolgirl like complexion painting that perfectly firm ever awaiting ass like a picturesque work of art. We can all agree Sid Deuce is our pick for most enthralling women in her era of porn. In culmination, she could be considered the supermodel for the sex film world.

Sid Deuce explored the adult world of gentleman's clubs in the early 90's, with friends in tote she started off a waitress and worked up a few cheers and jeers with enough nerve to begin exotic dancing in 1994. This fun loving Midwest gal loved the late night party and booming dance world, set forth without inhibition one. As confidence grew, a fan base was inevitably ready and waiting driving the sexy blond to the next step. Quoted as saying " It sounds like a lot of fun, and the perks are free loving sex with beautiful people". Meeting several porn industry actresses and directors, in the nightclub scene Sid would make a few contacts and charm her way into a stunning hardcore career.

No matter what the task, fetish or role was to be filmed Sid stepped to the plate and served up a home run. As previously noted the oral delivery she gave was mind and nut blowing. Straight sex scenes seemed to be a near silver screen offering to up and coming the savvy sets she graced. Back door "booty-blasting" "balls-deep" action was flawlessly filmed to the awed awaiting spectator base whom adored her every grunted exhibit of anal exploration. Pioneering the all female endurance paced all anal deliverance of stretching, screaming, moan filled scenery of fem-satisfactory sod-friendly plowing.

Sid Deuce showed an ever affectionate dedication to the acting side of the porn film world. Directing in this sultry industry proved to be second nature to this entrepreneur minded adult vice vixen. Women of the trade quickly flocked to the fold to work with Sid Deuce as she began her Directive venue. Three of the most notable films Sid Directed as picked by her actresses were "California Butt Sluts 1", "Carnal Coed Confessions 1", and "Sexy Sorority Initiations 3". Sales on these videos continue to top the dvd sales charts.

Not only excelling in acting and directing, Sid has grasped a continued journalistic review with Industry great Hustler contributing to their erotic video guide. As her contributions go she has been asked to display her writing talents throughout the tabloid scene and news scenes alike.

The fans fear this talented vixen may shift from the adult scene to the glam scene and leave them in search of the next blonde bombshell. She appoints a deep set passion for the "fun" and fan satisfaction, she has always delivered. The only small alteration to this gals agenda is that her sexual preference was adjusted to the bi-sexual nature after her first same sex romp. Sid truly enjoys hearing from all her fans.

Bio Profile from AVN:

This firecracker blonde exploded onto the adult scene in late 1994. She has that 'come do me' attitude we love in pretty, young newcomers & she is quickly becoming known for her skill with a pen as well as a pole. Sid has a regular writing gig with Hustler's Erotic Video Guide, but has also been approached by non-adult magazines as well. Let's just hope she doesn't give up banging on screen for banging on the typewriter! Originally from Denver, Colorado, Sid lived in Boston for six years before making the journey to porn land, where she now lives. She is a fun loving, dancing, partying fool who got into the business because it sounded like fun & she could have great sex with lots of beautiful people without a condom. Sid wasn't bisexual until she tried it on screen and now she loves women, but still prefers boys. Her favorite pastime is sex, sex, sex & more sex! And not necessarily in that order. Her first and only anal scene was in Anal Maniacs #4 with Alex Sanders, a personal buddy. The two display a great amount of affection for each other and the scene sizzles because of their close relationship.

Another Bio:
Sid Deuce not only had one of the most clever noms-de-porn in the industry's long history, but she also just happened to sport one of its most luscious figures. A lean, mean vision of pure sexual zing, Sid Deuce's fabulicious frame was home to a nicely enhanced set of ripe breasts that never failed to get a rise out of her partners. Her long legs, bubble butt and creamy-smooth skin combined to make Sid Deuce one of the most alluring women of her era in porn.

Sid Deuce was born on August 6, 1970, and she hit the hardcore scene in 1995 after a brief stint as an exotic dancer. Her debut was in 'Up and Cummers 22,' where she romped with Randy West in a nasty, exceedingly hot session that clearly marked her as a star on the rise. She turned up in a couple more pro-ams, then eased her way straight into the first rank of mainstream hardcore strumpets.

Among her best flicks is 'Sorority Cheerleaders,' where she took on Alex Sanders in an eager tussle, then returned for more in a desktop dust-up with Vince Voyeur. Both scenes sparkles with pure passion and energy, as Sid Deuce noisily grinds her way to erotic oblivion. 'Hungry Heart' was another wanton winner, as Sid Deuce hooked up with Shanna McCullough and her frequent partner Sanders in a pair of white-hot scenes.

Other top-notch Sid Deuce flicks include 'Moondance,'where she joined Wilde Oscar and Felecia in a couple of steamy segments, and 'Dirty Stories 1,' in which she and Jon Dough delved into some down and dirty delirium. In 1997, Sid Deuce moved behind the camera and became a director. Over the next five years, she shot around twenty flicks, notably the 'Sexy Sorority Initiations' series and the 'Candy Striper Stories' line.

Sid Deuce moved on to become a regular columnist for Hustler Erotic Video Guide, where she established a reputation for her pull-no-punches look at the industry. She finally eased her way out of performing in 2002, although it's hard to imagine her staying retired for long. Even if she does, though, with around 200 flicks under her garter belt already, there's sure to be something enticing for every stripe of hardcore fan.

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